Children And Infants Physiotherapy

Physio Support Dublin

Nursing activities that we perform with our children are a very important element supporting the child’s development, especially in the first year of their life

Children’s Rehabilitation:

  • with posture defects;
  • with foot defects;
  • with scoliosis;
  • with neurological problems – incl. Children with cerebral palsy and genetic syndromes.

Infant’s Rehabilitation:

  • with muscle tone disorders
  • with positional asymmetries, e.g. torticollis
  • with neurological diseases, e.g. cerebral palsy
  • with psychomotor retardation
  • with congenital defects (meningeal hernia, arthrogryposis, etc.)
  • with genetic defects (e.g. Down’s syndrome)
  • premature babies

We invite you to a physiotherapy consultation if your child:

  • Is too calm or too agitated
  • He clenches his fists and rarely relaxes them
  • It bends to one side in the so-called a croissant or a banana,
  • Doesn’t like to lie on her stomach
  • Bends back, flexes with the ballet position of the feet
  • Does not hold its head or lifts it very high
  • Does not roll sideways, does not support, does not crawl
  • Tiptoes
  • Periodic limb tremors appear
  • Has a problem with coordination and balance
  • Has attention deficit disorder, is hyperactive

TODDLER CLUB – workshops for Parents

Learning to properly care for an infant:

  • Carrying, feeding and bathing positions
  • Games, types of toys
  • Truths and myths of care (walkers, jumpers, carriers, etc.)
  • Asymmetry prophylaxis
  • Simple exercises and games for parents
  • Kinesiotaping (therapeutic taping) and supportive therapies.

Making the parents aware of what the proper development of the child looks like, what are disturbing behaviours and what should be paid attention to

  • Shantal’s massage for babies – training for parents and guardians
  • Red flags in development
  • Learning proper care (Handling)

During everyday care (lifting / putting down, carrying, feeding, changing, dressing / undressing, bathing, PLAYING), we provide the child with many sensorimotor experiences that influence the development of his new skills, a sense of security, comfort and peace. The developing child (correctly or incorrectly), feeling each movement and emotions of the parents, uses the experience gained for further development.

Therefore, it is very important to carry out all these activities calmly, slowly, smoothly and in such a way as to provide the child with the correct sensorimotor experiences both during care and play.

We offer you the training of proper care for all babies, especially those up to 6 months of age. The number of our meetings will depend on how quickly you learn proper care and you will feel confident that you can do it well with your children.

HOME VISIT 60 min - €120*

* Thursdays ONLY, within 20km radius from Stamullen, Co. Meath
** Booking house visit - direct phone call or WhatsApp ONLY, not online