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We recommend to arrive 10-15 minutes before first session (Initial Physiotherapy Assessment), as you will be asked to fill up the consultation and medical form which includes general information about yourself, description about your health problem, medical history as well as physiotherapy authorisation / consent. Next, your Chartered Physiotherapist will run detailed examination.

It will start with Subjective Assessment which means medical interview, where you both will go through your medical form and you will be asked detailed questions regarding to your particular health issue you are coming to us with. You can rest assured that everything you tell the physiotherapist will remain completely confidential.

Next step is Objective Assessment: Physiotherapist will carry out physical examination including professional outcome measures to check your posture, function, range of motion, muscle tone, flexibility, strength, balance as well as neurological and pain reactions. Based on results your Physiotherapist will be able to run the Physiotherapy Analysis, find the cause of your symptoms and diagnose you.

Then, Physiotherapist will discuss the Treatment Plan with you, which is the fourth and last step. After Initial Physiotherapy Assessment you will know what exactly your diagnosis is, what kind of treatment is recommended for you and estimated number of physiotherapy sessions you will need to attend to meet you goals and recover.