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About Us

Physio Support was established in 2018 to provide professional and top-quality Physiotherapy services in Ireland. The clinic managed to develop its activities to such an extent that it became one of the most famous Polish physiotherapy clinics on the Green Island.

Olga Świerczek

Founder of Physio Support, Lead Chartered Physiotherapist and Clinic Director.

Thanks to her hard work, she developed her business so much that her name became recognizable and often recommended as one of the best Polish specialists in the field of physiotherapy in Ireland.

Olga Świerczek graduated from Academy of Physical Education in Katowice (Poland) and after 5-year studies she has achieved MSc degree in Physiotherapy. Also, she finished 1-year course of Management in Physiotherapy & Sports at the same university. She is a fully licensed and fully insured Chartered Physiotherapist registered in CORU, as well as current member of the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists (ISCP)

Registered with:

Magdalena Poniatowska

Senior Sports Massage Therapist joined Physio Support in early 2023. Magda graduated from the Collegium of Rehabilitation, Psychology and Social Policy in Warsaw, receiving the title of Massage Therapy Technician with specialization in Manual Therapy and Pin Therapy.

During her studies, she completed a one-year internship at the neurological ward at the Wolski Hospital in Warsaw, gaining experience in working with patients after strokes, accidents or struggling with general health problems.

After college in 2014, she started her private practice in fitness clubs, gyms and sport clinics. At the same time, she broadened her knowledge by taking part in courses and workshops organized in Poland and Ireland.

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Therapeutic Techniques We Use:

Pin Therapy

using metal pins and other differently shaped tools to treat various types of pain syndromes of musculoskeletal system as well as to decrease acute inflammation quickly. 


Orthopaedic Manual Therapy (OMT)

various of manual techniques, joints mobilisations, soft tissue manipulation and PIR muscle relaxation to treat musculoskeletal pain. 

Dry Needling & Western Medical Acupuncture (MDN)

using acupunture needles to release muscle spasm and tension, by creating neuromuscular reflex, so-called "twitch", boosting neurological system and increasing blow circulation. 

Deep Tissue / Sports Massage

various, strong manual techniques of rubbing and kneading to release excessive tension in muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Lymphatic Drainage

very soft manual techniques on the level of skin and lymphatic system, working around lymph nodes to improve lymph circulation, reduce oedema, decrease swelling and inflammation. 

Trigger Point Therapy

pressuring active and sore "muscle nods" so-called trigger points using thumbs, elbow, cups, metal pins and acupuncture needles in order to release them and reduce myofascial pain. 

Inversion Therapy 

creating the traction in lumbar spine by using specialized inversion table to release chronic lower back pain, decompress bulging discs and passively strech spine muscles. 

Cupping Therapy

releasing the fascia throught creating suction in plastic cups, which also helps to increase the blood circulation, relax muscle tension and remove toxins from the body. 

Kinesiology Taping

application of elastic tape which helps improving blow and lymph circulation, releasing musculoskeletal pain, stabilizing joints after injury, and removing an oedema.

Client's Testimonials

Vlad Jeljasevics
Vlad Jeljasevics
Great experience, definitely will come back, recommended to all my ultra runner friends.
Great clinic and great owner Full professionalism. I'm after three visits and I definitely feel better I recommend it wholeheartedly, you won't be disappointed! Jacek
Anna Grygierczyk
Anna Grygierczyk
Pani Olga jest bardzo dobra specjalistką, na prawdę potrafi pomóc. Bardzo polecam
Marta Florecka
Marta Florecka
Super 👌 Pani Olga - super profesjonalne podejście...i od razu zaaplikowała leczenie po urazie. Do zobaczenia wkrótce.
I went to Olga's practice with massive pain at the lower part of my back, I was tired and exhausted as the pain was ongoing for about 2 weeks at this stage, after first therapy I feel decent improvement, so I signed up for 2 more sessions, after 3rd I actually realized that I feel not only physical but mental improvement, I work and study a lot and recently my focus level was way lower than usual, probably because of stress and whatnot, but my point is that physiotherapy was not only improving my physical weakness but also my mental state. If you live around Crumlin or South Side Dublin, and looking for physiotherapy, this is the place you want to get yourself in.
Elzbieta Gudaniec-Pisulska
Elzbieta Gudaniec-Pisulska
Jestem już po konsultacji i pierwszych zajeciach, pełen profesjonalizm, już wiem że każda kolejna wizyta będzie przynosić zamierzone cele.
Toni Puigdellivol Torrens
Toni Puigdellivol Torrens
Absolutely great experience, excellent customer service, very professional and personalized. I recommend. 100% her service.
Wojtek Osiadacz
Wojtek Osiadacz
100% Polecam
Elzbieta Rogoz
Elzbieta Rogoz
Byłam dziś po raz pierwszy. Bardzo miła atmosfera i czuję, że trafiłam w dobre miejsce. Po zakończonej terapii napiszę więcej.
Marek Sypniewski
Marek Sypniewski
I can see that Olga has knowledge and experience in helping people. She is full of energy and willingness to help others. Professional and practical help. I highly recommend.

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