trigger point therapy

Trigger Point Therapy Is Life-Changing

trigger point therapy

Trigger point therapy is awesome. There are many ways to go about doing it but all the methods are super effective given that they are done right. 

But before we discuss all this, what even are trigger points? Trigger points are areas in the muscle tissue that have tightened up and are causing issues in other parts of the body. 

They are super annoying and should be dealt with as soon as possible. Here at Physio Support, we have just the right services to help you deal with this pain. 

How Is It Done?

Each trigger point works differently. For example, a trigger point in the back muscle can affect the neck or even your pelvic region. The intensity of that pain also varies greatly. Considering both these factors; we choose between two methods: massages and acupuncture. 

The first method is pretty self-explanatory. We massage the region in an attempt to relieve that pain. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work for all trigger points.

For those of you who are unaware of acupuncture, it is basically the process of putting needles in your trigger points in order to reduce pain. Don’t worry; it doesn’t really hurt all that much. 

We, like you, prefer the massages but in some cases, it just can’t be helped. By the way, acupuncture has a host of amazing benefits.

Why Is It So Great?

It’s not just acupuncture that has great perks. Both methods are revolutionary. Let’s talk about the benefits that they share because it will take a while to analyze their individual benefits.

First off, this therapy is done to reduce pain and it works like a charm. The pain relief is usually instant and helps the patients greatly. It also helps combat chronic injuries. Those injuries are simply the worst.

It isn’t just your body that benefits, however. Your mind also gets a huge boost. Once trigger points are stimulated, nerve signals are sent that reduce stress levels at the emotional center of the brain. In other words, you can say bye-bye to stress.

Why Do You Need To Visit The Right Clinic?

Remember how we said that these methods have to be done right? We mean it. These processes are intricate and need a lot of practice to perfect. If anyone could do it, you wouldn’t need clinics like ours.

Massages need a delicate touch that applies accurate levels of pressure to pinpoint the location of the muscles. If not done right, injuries are quite likely.

The dangers of acupuncture are much more obvious. It’s not just about sticking the needles in the wrong locations or with the wrong pressure. If the needles are not sterile, that’s a whole other rabbit hole you do not want to go down.

What Makes Us The Right Clinic?

We have got experience and skills in trigger point therapy. We respect the art. Our physiotherapists are highly qualified. So if you need to straighten out those trigger points, we’re one call away.

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