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condition treatment

Let’s face it: we are pretty fragile beings. Wild animals can survive in extreme conditions without breaking a sweat. We have a chance of injuring ourselves while crossing the streets.

Despite huge advancements in science, this fact remains true. It’s in our biological makeup; there’s not much we can do to avoid these injuries. Fortunately, we’ve learned how to fix them.

Few cures work as well as physiotherapy for condition treatment. That’s why we’ve been providing it diligently since 2018. Physio Support is determined to make sure you get the right treatment.

But what conditions can we treat with physiotherapy? Let’s break it down by the most common areas of complications.

We’ve Got Your Back

See what we did there? Anyway, your back is a very sensitive region. Makes sense since it literally carries you around. You need to take good care of this region as it impacts other parts of your body.

Speaking of carrying you around, you really need to keep your posture in check. You will not believe how many people face muscular pain and tension all due to a bad posture. 

Another common issue people come to use with is disk bulges. This is basically when the discs of your spine move out of place. This may be in the cervical, lumbar or thoracic region of the spine. There are even injuries in the ligaments and tendons stemming from the back. These are all easy to fix.

A more complicated issue we find often is whiplash. No, not the critically acclaimed psychological drama. This is an injury to the neck caused by road accidents. The cure lies in the back for this injury too.

We also treat complex conditions like osteoarthritis, sciatica, and neurological disorders. These are way more common than you’d think.

Don’t Look Over Your Shoulder

This portion of the body is overlooked so often. It reminds us of Ringo. Just like the Beatles wouldn’t be who they are without their iconic drummer, your body can’t function without your shoulders. So, show them both some respect.

Frozen shoulders and rotator cuff dysfunctions are commonplace now since most people work desk jobs nowadays. Go for a walk every so often. We’re more than happy to treat you but that doesn’t mean we want to see you get injured.

It’s In Your Hands

While on the subject of workplace injuries, cases of carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive sprains are rising at a concerning rate. If you’re noticing any symptoms, we suggest visiting us before it’s too late.

Below The Belt

We are also well equipped to deal with injuries pertaining to the knees, ankles, and feet. These muscles go through a lot on a daily basis so injuries are common. Quick response in these matters helps too.

Don’t Be Hesitant To Contact Us

Physio Support is always ready to book a session with you. What are you waiting for? Grab that phone and get the condition treatment that you deserve now.

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