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Best Place To Get A Massage In Dublin

massage Dublin

We all have a pretty rough week once in a while. But sometimes it might get overwhelming and the slight back rub from your partner just does not cut it. But then what is the solution? Well, you can always get a massage from a therapist, right?

And if you are looking for such a physiotherapy clinic where you can get a massage in Dublin, you are in luck! Here at Physio Support, we have certified physiotherapists who are excellent for the job. 

Physiotherapy At It’s Best 

We provide physiotherapy that cannot be rivaled by any other clinic in Dublin. We have highly experienced individuals who perform all kinds of massages and exercises that can completely cure your discomfort. 

The Kinds Of Physiotherapy Services We Offer 

If you are wondering which kinds of physiotherapy you may be able to enjoy at our clinic, let us clear your confusion. The following are the services that we at Physio Support offer:

  • Orthopaedic Manual Therapy
  • Medical Acupuncture And Dry Needling
  • Fascial Manipulation
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Inversion Table
  • Deep Tissue/Sports Massage
  • Cupping Therapy
  • Kinesiology-Taping

Enjoy Deep Tissue Massage 

The best massage service you can get from us is deep tissue massage. The biggest benefit of this massaging technique is that it helps treat muscle pain and improves stiffness. By applying slow but deep strokes on your muscles, we get your body relaxed and try to reduce the pain to the point of non-existence.

Get Massaged By Certified Physiotherapists 

With each of our physiotherapists being excellent at their job, we can confidently claim that we have cured almost all of our clients’ issues. Most, if not all, of our physiotherapists, are members of the Irish Society Of Chartered Physiotherapists and some are even registered in CORU. 

Take our founder, Olga Świerczek, for example. She has been serving in this field for 8 years and is a certified physiotherapist in Ireland.  

Hear What Our Previous Clients Think 

Speaking of her, here’s what a client had to say about her proficiency, “Currently attending Olga’s clinic and she is an excellent

physiotherapist. Efficient, friendly, and lots of relevant knowledge. Highly recommended!”

Aside from that, this is what another client commented on our massage, “Came to Olga looking for help for sprain of my left shoulder. And after few sessions pain was reduced almost to none and joint movement increased. Next, following exercises given, shoulder recovered completely, pain stopped and I was able to move my arm 100%.”

So, you can tell we have kept our clients satisfied. 

Book An Appointment For A Massage Session Today!

So, if you think getting a massage can reduce at least half of your life problems, we would be more than happy to help out! Come visit our clinic and enjoy the best possible massage in Dublin. Rely on us to get rid of any kind of muscle pain you might be having now for whatever reason and say goodbye to that pain forever!

HOME VISIT 60 min - €120*

* Thursdays ONLY, within 20km radius from Stamullen, Co. Meath
** Booking house visit - direct phone call or WhatsApp ONLY, not online